Belgium vs Sweden: Swedish fans shot dead; match abandoned at half-time 

Belgium’s Euro 2024 qualifier versus Sweden was abandoned at half-time for security bases after two Swedish fans were shot dead in Brussels.

Tragedy struck the city just hours before the scheduled game, as a series of killings took place, leading authorities to label the incident as an act of terrorism. The assailant responsible for the violence remains at large.

Game Abandoned for Safety

In the face of the unsettling situation, the decision to abandon the game was made and officially confirmed at approximately 21:30 BST. Safety became the paramount concern for fans and players.

Safety Measures at King Baudouin Stadium

Fans and players were directed to remain within the confines of King Baudouin Stadium for their own protection. 

The gravity of the situation necessitated this temporary refuge, with an evacuation process commencing around 22:45 BST.

Safe Passage for Teams and Fans

Amid the security concerns, the Sweden national team received a police escort to the airport to ensure their safe departure. 

Simultaneously, Swedish fans were accompanied by the police as they made their way back into the city. The collective effort aimed at safeguarding all involved highlights the seriousness of the situation.

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