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Bassem Youssef Adds Comic Relief to COP28, Exposing Climate Hypocrisy

During a discussion at COP28 in Dubai, Egyptian-American comedian Bassem Youssef brought his distinctive wit to the fore.

Egyptian-American comedian Bassem Youssef brought his signature humor to the forefront during a talk at COP28 in Dubai, addressing the climate crisis in a ” Sustainable Personal Stories ” session.

A Satirical Perspective on Global Inaction:

Youssef, known for his witty one-liners, aimed what he called “the hypocrisy of developed countries” in making climate pledges without achieving a unified approach to address the planet’s challenges.

The former heart surgeon turned media personality clarified that he wasn’t a climate activist and wouldn’t provide “serious solutions” but aimed to use humor to shed light on critical issues.

Responding to a question about finding humor in a broken world, Youssef quipped, “The fact that we’ve been going around for 28 years and not getting a consensus on how to stop [messing] the planet is itself the real comedy.”

COP’s “Non-committing Commitment”

Youssef criticized COP as a ‘non-committing commitment,’ where nations make pledges without definitive action, emphasizing the need for tangible results rather than repeated promises.

Without naming specific countries, Youssef blamed the Global North, highlighting the insincerity of rich nations and large corporations in their climate efforts.

The Height of Hypocrisy:

Maintaining his comic approach, Youssef called out the hypocrisy of blaming individuals for environmental issues while major pollution contributors, such as corporate fishing nets, go unchecked.

Youssef, acknowledging his role as a comedian, urged for a lighthearted perspective on complex problems, even as he touched on the serious issue of the war in Gaza when asked by the audience.

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