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Barcelona midfielder Aitana Bonmati wins the Ballon d’Or Feminin

Spain and Barcelona player Aitana Bonmati has won the Women's Ballon d'Or for the first time.

Spain and Barcelona player Aitana Bonmati has won the Women’s Ballon d’Or for the first time.


The 25-year-old football sensation, Aitana Bonmati, achieved a remarkable feat by securing the Ballon d’Or Féminin award, capping off an extraordinary year. 

Her contributions to her club, country, and remarkable individual achievements were key factors in this prestigious recognition.

Aitana Bonmati’s Stellar Year

Aitana Bonmati enjoyed a tremendously successful year, contributing significantly to her club’s triumph in the Spanish top-flight league, as well as the UEFA Women’s Champions League. 

Additionally, she played an instrumental role in her country’s victory in the World Cup during the summer, demonstrating her prowess on both the domestic and international stages. Notably, Alexia Putella had previously been crowned UEFA’s player of the year in August, underlining her consistent excellence.

English Goalkeepers Shine

In a notable turn of events, England’s Mary Earps, a highly accomplished goalkeeper, achieved an impressive fifth-place finish in the Ballon d’Or Féminin rankings. Her consistent performances and skill between the posts earned her well-deserved recognition. 

Her compatriot and team-mate, Rachel Daly, also made it to the top 10 in the rankings, finishing in the tenth position. 

These rankings underscore the strength of English goalkeeping talent on the global stage.

Other Lionesses Recognized

England’s national team, the Lionesses, had several other notable representatives among the nominees. Millie Bright and Georgia Stanway showcased their prowess and skill, earning their places among the top contenders for the Ballon d’Or Féminin.

Top Finishers in the Rankings

The Ballon d’Or Féminin rankings also featured other exceptional talents in women’s football. Chelsea’s Sam Kerr, representing Australia, secured the second position. 

Barcelona and Spain’s teenage sensation, Salma Paralluelo, earned the third spot. Fridolina Rolfo, who plays for Barcelona and represents Sweden, finished fourth, highlighting the diversity and global talent in the world of women’s football.

Conclusion: Celebrating Women’s Football Excellence

The Ballon d’Or Féminin ceremony celebrated the remarkable accomplishments of female footballers worldwide. 

Alexia Putella’s crowning achievement, along with the top rankings of English goalkeepers, serves as a testament to the growing recognition and appreciation of women’s football on a global scale. It’s a moment of pride for fans and athletes alike.

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