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BAPS Hindu Mandir Welcomes 65,000 Visitors on First Sunday After Public Opening in Abu Dhabi

BAPS Hindu Mandir Welcomes 65,000 Visitors on First Sunday After Public Opening in Abu Dhabi

In a remarkable display of faith and unity, the BAPS Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi witnessed an overwhelming turnout of 65,000 visitors on its inaugural Sunday after opening its doors to the public on March 1.

The temple management described the scene as visitors arrived in buses and cars, with over 40,000 attendees in the morning and 25,000 in the evening. Despite the large crowds, the faithful queued patiently in groups of 2,000, reflecting a sense of peace and reverence as they entered the sacred space.

The Mandir offered devotees the opportunity for darshan, or viewing, of its exquisite architecture and collective prayers, evoking deep emotions and spiritual fulfillment among the worshippers. The vibrant colors of clothing worn by visitors added to the festive atmosphere, enhancing the overall experience of the day.

Emphasizing the UAE’s commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, a new bus route (203) from Abu Dhabi City to the BAPS Hindu Mandir was introduced, facilitating weekend visits and underscoring the country’s dedication to cultural diversity and harmony.

Neha and Pankaj, long-time residents of Dubai, expressed their gratitude for the Mandir’s opening, describing it as a marvel that exceeded their expectations. Similarly, visitors from diverse backgrounds, such as Piyush from the USA and Luis from Mexico, praised the Mandir’s architecture and cultural significance, highlighting the UAE’s commitment to unity and inclusion.

Swami Brahmaviharidas, the head priest of BAPS Hindu Mandir, expressed gratitude to the UAE leaders and local authorities for their support in making the historic day possible. He emphasized the Mandir’s role as a symbol of spirituality and harmony, uniting people of various beliefs and backgrounds.

The BAPS Hindu Mandir not only represents a milestone in promoting spiritual and cultural unity but also serves as a beacon of harmony, fostering understanding and cooperation among communities in Abu Dhabi and beyond.

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