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Bahrain Suspends Relations with Israel in Solidarity with Palestine

The Israeli ambassador to Bahrain has returned, while the Bahraini ambassador to Israel has departed the country.

The Council of Representatives of Bahrain has made a significant announcement, revealing that the Israeli ambassador to Bahrain has left the country while the Bahraini ambassador to Israel has returned. 

This diplomatic shift reflects a suspension of economic relations with Israel, as outlined in a government statement.

Support for Palestine:

The primary motivation behind these moves, as stated by the Bahraini authorities, is their support for the Palestinian cause and also the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. 

Bahrain’s decision is a symbolic gesture of solidarity with Palestine amid ongoing regional conflicts.

Flight Suspension:

In addition to the diplomatic changes, flights between Bahrain and Israel have been suspended for several weeks, according to the government’s statement. 

These flight suspensions represent a tangible aspect of the diplomatic tension between the two nations.

Background of Diplomatic Relations:

Bahrain and Israel established diplomatic relations in 2020 as part of the US-brokered Abraham Accords. These accords aimed to promote broader recognition of Israel in the Arab world. 

They not only facilitated diplomatic relations but also paved the way for trade deals and military cooperation between Israel and Bahrain, along with other nations such as the United Arab Emirates and Morocco.

Israel’s foreign ministry expressed surprise over Bahrain’s actions, claiming they had not been notified of any decision. 

Despite this, they emphasized that relations between Israel and Bahrain remain stable, suggesting that this may be a temporary diplomatic hiccup.

Ongoing Conflict in the Region:

Bahrain’s decision to suspend relations with Israel comes in the context of the ongoing conflict in Gaza. 

Parliament’s first deputy speaker, Abdulnabi Salman, confirmed this decision, asserting that the situation in Gaza cannot be met with silence.

Recent Developments:

The move by Bahrain to suspend relations with Israel occurred nearly a month after a significant escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

Hamas militants carried out an attack, resulting in casualties and kidnappings. 

Subsequent Israeli actions in the Gaza Strip have led to significant loss of life, predominantly affecting women and children.

The Abraham Accords, which established diplomatic ties between Bahrain and Israel, aimed to foster peace and prosperity in the Middle East. 

These agreements facilitated trade deals and military cooperation, representing a shift in regional dynamics.

The Future of Relations:

Israel’s foreign ministry emphasized that no official announcement or decision has been received regarding the return of ambassadors from both countries. 

They stressed that relations between Israel and Bahrain are stable, leaving room for future developments.

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