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Award-winning Singer Sonam Kalra Talks Music and Cultural Exchange Ahead of India By The Creek Performance in Dubai

Award-winning Singer Sonam Kalra Talks Music and Cultural Exchange Ahead of India By The Creek Performance in Dubai

In anticipation of her upcoming performance at the India By The Creek music festival in Dubai, acclaimed singer and composer Sonam Kalra sat down for an exclusive interview to discuss her unique blend of Indian and Western musical traditions, the significance of cultural exchange, and the importance of authenticity in music.

Sonam Kalra is renowned for her ability to transcend linguistic and cultural barriers through her powerful voice and diverse musical influences. With multiple awards under her belt, she stands out as a rare talent capable of merging various genres seamlessly.

The India By The Creek festival, a collaboration between the Consulate General of India and Teamwork Arts, promises to be a celebration of arts and culture, featuring a diverse lineup of artists and activities. Kalra emphasizes the importance of such events in fostering community dialogue and promoting cultural exchange, which she believes is essential for enriching lives and building connections.

Kalra’s musical journey reflects her upbringing in a family that deeply valued music and the arts. With influences ranging from Indian classical to Sufi, gospel, and jazz, she has carved out a distinctive style that resonates with listeners worldwide.

For Kalra, music is not just entertainment but a form of expression that transcends boundaries and speaks to the soul. She describes it as “a true bearing of the soul” that encompasses love, pain, joy, and sadness. Drawing inspiration from her upbringing in a syncretic and liberal household, Kalra aims to convey messages of peace, unity, and empowerment through her music.

One of Kalra’s most notable projects is ‘The Sufi Gospel Project,’ where she blends the devotional poetry of Sufi saints with the harmonies of gospel music. This inclusive interpretation of Sufism promotes messages of peace and unity, earning her recognition on the global stage.

In the interview, Kalra reflects on the importance of authenticity in art and the need for artists to stay true to their own truths. She credits her parents for instilling in her the value of finding one’s voice and expressing it authentically. Kalra encourages aspiring artists to carve out their own paths and create original music that resonates with their unique identities.

Amidst the age of Instagram reels and trending music, Kalra expresses her concern about the lack of originality in the music industry. She believes that the focus on imitation and popularity has led to a decline in original music creation. However, she remains hopeful that artists will rediscover the value of authenticity and strive to create meaningful music that connects with audiences on a deeper level.

As she prepares to take the stage at India By The Creek, Kalra hopes to inspire audiences with her soulful melodies and profound messages. Through her music, she aims to create positive change and foster a greater sense of unity and understanding among listeners.

In conclusion, Sonam Kalra’s upcoming performance at India By The Creek promises to be a highlight of the festival, showcasing her remarkable talent and unwavering commitment to cultural exchange and artistic integrity.

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