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Atif Aslam Set to Mesmerize Dubai Audience with Firdaus Orchestra

Atif Aslam Shares Pre-Performance Mindset Ahead of Dubai Show

Dubai is gearing up for a musical extravaganza as renowned Pakistani singer Atif Aslam prepares to take the stage alongside the acclaimed Firdaus Orchestra at the Coca Cola Arena this Saturday, March 2. In an exclusive interview with City Times, Atif shares his excitement for the upcoming concert and his vision for delivering an unforgettable experience to his fans.

“I am thrilled to be part of this event again, especially with new numbers like Rabba Sacheya and Channa, along with fusing our songs with Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s renditions,” Atif shares eagerly. “The collaboration with the orchestra adds a unique flavor to the music, blending rock elements with Eastern instruments for a captivating experience.”


The synergy between Atif’s music and the grandeur of the Firdaus Orchestra promises to captivate audiences in a new way. “I aim to infuse rock elements into the orchestral performance, creating a dynamic fusion that resonates with the audience,” Atif explains. “It’s about bringing something fresh and exciting to the stage, pushing boundaries while staying true to the essence of the music.”

Atif’s eclectic selection process for the concert repertoire reflects his diverse musical journey. “I draw inspiration from folk melodies and my own catalog of rock and pop songs,” he reveals. “Each song is carefully chosen to evoke emotions and connect with the audience on a deeper level.”

Despite his global success, Atif remains grounded, prioritizing authenticity and humility before each performance. “Being myself and sharing positive energy with the audience is essential,” he emphasizes. “A heartfelt prayer before taking the stage sets the tone for a memorable performance.”

The profound connection between Atif’s music and his fans is evident, with songs like Tajdar-e-Haram resonating deeply with audiences worldwide. “I am grateful for the love and support of my fans,” Atif acknowledges graciously. “Their response to my music is humbling, and I am privileged to share these moments with them.”

Dubai holds a special place in Atif’s heart, with its vibrant atmosphere and diverse audience. “The city’s energy is infectious, and I always look forward to performing here,” he admits. “The diverse audience adds to the excitement, creating a unique experience for both the artist and the audience.”

Beyond the stage, Atif enjoys simple pleasures in Dubai, savoring moments with loved ones and exploring the city’s culinary delights. “Spending time with family, observing the city’s dynamics, and indulging in its diverse cuisine are among my favorite pastimes,” he shares warmly.

As the concert date approaches, anticipation builds for Atif Aslam’s mesmerizing performance, promising an evening of musical brilliance that transcends boundaries and resonates with the soul.

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