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Arshiya Faraghat: UAE Sensation Turning Gaming Passion into a Career

Arshiya Faraghat, better known as @xArshyy, has gone from casual gamer to Twitch sensation with 9,100 followers.

Arshiya Faraghat, known as @xArshyy, has evolved from a casual gamer to a Twitch sensation with 9,100 followers. 

Raised in the UAE, her gaming journey began with the Sega Genesis, fostered by her gamer family. Over the years, Arshiya has immersed herself in gaming, making her dreams a reality.

Twitch as a Career Launchpad:

Streaming on Twitch became a game-changer for Arshiya, providing opportunities beyond her imagination. 

With a dedicated community, she transformed her passion into a thriving career, allowing her to cover living expenses while playing games from home.

A Journey of Triumph: From Hearthstone to E-Sports Stardom:

Arshiya’s rise to fame accelerated when she answered a casting call for Hearthstone. This began her journey as an e-sports broadcaster and gaming personality. 

From hosting events like the Girl’s Game Gala in Pixoul Abu Dhabi to securing sponsorships from renowned brands, Arshiya’s gaming adventure has been extraordinary.

Beyond Twitch, Arshiya showcases her versatility in the gaming scene. She acts as the content and community manager for Four04 E-sports, and her expertise extends to teaching e-sports at Estars. 

Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication have turned her passion into a multifaceted gaming career.

Gaming Influences Personal Life:

Arshiya’s personal life intertwines with gaming, as she met her husband through League of Legends. 

They now share the joy of gaming with their daughter, hoping to pass on their legacy as professional players. Her story exemplifies the boundless opportunities within the gaming industry.

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