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Arnold Schwarzenegger Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Bicycle Collision

Following an incident in West Los Angeles in February of this year, Arnold Schwarzenegger is apparently facing a lawsuit.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is reportedly facing a lawsuit following an incident in West Los Angeles in February of this year, where he allegedly hit a bicyclist with his SUV. The woman riding the bike, Joanne Flickinger, has filed the lawsuit.

Claimed Sequence of Events:

Sources suggest that Joanne Flickinger swerved into Schwarzenegger’s lane, leading to the accident. 

Law enforcement sources informed TMZ that Joanne made a left turn in front of Arnold, and he could not brake in time, resulting in the collision. 

The accident necessitated Joanne’s trip to the emergency room.

Allegations Against Schwarzenegger:

The legal documents filed by Joanne Flickinger allege that Arnold was driving “with excessive speed and failed to keep a proper lookout.” 

She claims to have suffered severe injuries as a result of the accident. It’s worth noting that drugs and alcohol were reportedly not a factor in the incident.

Response and Cooperation:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, known for his role in films like “Twins,” is said to have cooperated with law enforcement officers at the scene. 

He also reportedly assisted in transporting Joanne’s damaged bike to a repair shop after the accident.

This lawsuit will further unfold in the legal process, where both parties will have the opportunity to present their sides of the story, and the court will determine the outcome.

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