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Armenia Emerges as a Preferred Destination for UAE Citizens and Residents

Armenia Emerges as a Preferred Destination for UAE Citizens and Residents

Armenia is witnessing a surge in tourism from the UAE, with UAE citizens and residents ranking 5th on the list of most visited tourists to the country. This trend highlights Armenia’s growing popularity as a sought-after travel destination among UAE travelers.

“From exploring picturesque mountain trails to indulging in the country’s vibrant culinary scene, UAE residents are drawn to the adventure and tranquility that Armenia promises during the summer months. Whether it’s discovering ancient monasteries nestled in the mountains or simply enjoying the cooler weather, Armenia stands out as an ideal summer destination for those seeking a break from the desert heat,” said Sisian Boghossian, Head of Tourism Committee of Armenia.

Here are some insights into the current status of tourism between Armenia and the UAE, recent trends, and initiatives to further promote tourism:

  1. Increase in Tourism Activity: There has been a significant increase in tourists from the UAE over the past year, particularly during the winter months, as many seek to experience snow for the first time. UAE citizens and residents are increasingly drawn to Armenia for a refreshing escape from the sweltering temperatures of the GCC.
  2. Promotional Efforts: Efforts are underway to promote Armenia as a perfect destination for travelers looking for a long weekend getaway over the upcoming Eid holidays. Special packages are available for travelers during this period, offering tailored experiences for visitors from the UAE.
  3. Attractions and Experiences: Armenia offers a unique blend of cultural richness, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality that appeals to UAE travelers. From historical landmarks and cultural sites to outdoor adventures like skiing and snowboarding, Armenia offers a variety of experiences for visitors.
  4. Visa-Free Travel: UAE citizens enjoy visa-free travel to Armenia, while UAE residents can easily acquire an e-visa or visa on arrival. This ease of travel has made Armenia an attractive destination for UAE travelers.
  5. Future Expectations: There is great potential to further develop tourism between Armenia and the UAE. Efforts are underway to enhance bilateral tourism relations through targeted marketing campaigns, enhanced air connectivity, collaboration with travel agencies, and participation in events.

Overall, Armenia’s combination of rich history, natural beauty, and unique experiences make it an appealing destination for UAE citizens and residents seeking memorable travel experiences.

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