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Architect Michael Pawlyn emphasizes moving beyond “less bad” sustainability

Co-founder of Jordan's Sahara Forest Project alerts more needs to be done.

Co-founder of Jordan’s Sahara Forest Project alerts more needs to be done.

Renowned architect Michael Pawlyn, a key figure in the conception and design of the Eden Project eco visitor attraction in Cornwall, England, has highlighted the need for sustainability efforts to transcend the notion of merely doing things that are “less bad.” 

He conveyed this message during his lecture at the latest Majlis Mohamed bin Zayed event in Abu Dhabi, held on Friday.

Lecture: A Sustainable Future Inspired by Nature

Pawlyn’s lecture, titled “A Sustainable Future 

Inspired by Nature,” delved into the idea of drawing inspiration from the natural world to advance sustainability initiatives. 

The talk explored how insights from nature can inspire individuals and communities to adopt a higher standard of sustainability in their practices and projects.

The UAE’s Commitment to Environmental 


Pawlyn’s presentation underlined the UAE’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding the environment and its leadership’s determination to explore every avenue to ensure environmental protection. 

This reflects the nation’s dedication to pursuing comprehensive and innovative sustainability strategies, emphasizing the importance of going beyond mere reductions in environmental harm.

Michael Pawlyn’s perspective challenges the conventional approach to sustainability and encourages a more proactive and holistic stance in preserving the environment for future generations. 

His insights offer fresh perspectives on how sustainability can be integrated into design and daily life to create a lasting and positive impact.

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