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Apple to Address French Radiation Testing Requirements for iPhone 12

Apple has declared that it will comply with France's radiation testing standards by releasing an update to prevent the iPhone 12 from malfunctioning.

Apple has announced its intention to comply with France’s radiation testing requirements by releasing an update to prevent the iPhone 12 from using higher transmission power when in contact with static surfaces.

Disputed Findings:

The French regulatory authority asserted that the iPhone 12 emitted radiation levels exceeding permissible limits, prompting the halt of device sales. Apple has contested these findings, and this update aims to address the discrepancy.

Apple provided an in-depth explanation for the differing findings. It stated that iPhones have included sensors for over a decade to detect their proximity to a user’s body, adjusting transmission power levels accordingly when the phone is not near a user. For example, slightly higher transmission power is used when placed on a table.

Unaccounted Feature:

The discrepancy in the findings arises from the testing protocol L’Agence Nationale des Frequences used, which did not consider the body-detection feature in its evaluation. 

Apple is releasing a software update, available to users in France this month, that disables the body-detection technology, keeping the phone at lower transmission power levels consistently.

Safety Assurance:

Apple emphasized that the iPhone 12 is safe, even without the software update, and has been certified to meet global energy transmission regulations and standards. The company reassured users that the phone has always been safe to use.

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