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Anticipating the Next UAE Break After Islamic New Year

Next UAE Break After Islamic New Year

Since the Islamic New Year weekend ended, many UAE residents wondered when the next break would be. Will we have to wait for the UAE National Day in December?

Upcoming Holiday: Birth of Prophet Muhammad:

The following public holiday will come a lot earlier than that: It will be on September 29 to mark the birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). 

Since the special day is followed by a regular weekend, the holiday naturally stretches until Sunday, giving residents their last long weekend of the year.

Observing the Prophet’s Birthday:

In most Islamic countries, including the Gulf, the Prophet’s birthday is observed on 12 Rabi’ Al-Awwal 1445, the third month of the Islamic calendar.

Remaining Holidays of the Year:

Post the long weekend, the remaining two holidays of the year will be on December 2 and 3, marking the UAE’s National Day. 

Even though this event falls on a Saturday and Sunday, an official weekend for most residents, UAE residents can still look forward to availing of all the special events and discounts that mark this holiday.

Looking Ahead to 2024:

Those planning a long trip next year can expect a 9-day break for Eid Al Fitr in the first half 2024. 

Based on astronomical calculations, Eid is predicted to be on April 10, 2024, although this is subject to change depending on the moon sighting and official announcements.

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