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Anticipated Rainfall and Thunderstorms Forecasted for UAE Residents

Residents in the UAE should brace themselves for a change in weather patterns, as the NCM predicts rain and thunderstorms on Thursday evening.

UAE residents are bracing for a shift in weather patterns as the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) forecasts rain and thunderstorms on Thursday evening. 

The meteorological agency predicts a dynamic weather system with lightning, thunder, and rainfall concentrated in the country’s eastern, northern, and coastal regions.

Changing Skies and Temperature Drop:

The weather forecast signals a transition from clear to cloudy skies, with intermittent cloud cover ranging from partly cloudy to cloudy conditions. 

Convective clouds are expected to develop, leading to scattered rainfall in various areas. Alongside the precipitation, residents can anticipate a decline in temperatures. This follows the NCM’s issuance of a 4-day rain alert starting from Wednesday, November 15.

Thursday’s winds are projected to be light to moderate, occasionally escalating to fresh to strong levels. 

The cloud cover may blow dust and sand, potentially impacting horizontal visibility. As a precaution, residents are advised to be mindful of these conditions.

Sea Conditions and Temperature Outlook:

Sea conditions are anticipated to range from moderate to occasionally rough in the Arabian Gulf, while the Oman Sea is expected to experience slight to moderate waves. 

Regarding temperatures, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are expected to reach a high of 32°C, with nighttime lows dropping to 22°C across the emirates.

On Wednesday, the country experienced a peak temperature of 35.7°C in Al Ruwais (Al Dhafra Region) at 14:00 UAE Local time, setting the stage for the anticipated shift in weather conditions.

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