Another international break injury: Gavi suffers a serious leg injury

Spain and Barcelona player Gavi suffered a severe knee injury in the Euro 2024 qualifying victory over Georgia.

The Heartbreaking Incident

During a match in Valladolid, a distressing turn of events occurred when the 19-year-old Gavi landed awkwardly while attempting to control the ball. Overwhelmed by the injury, he left the field in tears, prompting concerns among fans and team officials.

Manager’s Concern and Emotional Response

Luis de la Fuente, the team’s manager, expressed deep concern about Gavi’s condition, hinting at the possibility of an anterior cruciate ligament injury. He conveyed the emotional turmoil of the moment, describing it as the most bitter victory he had ever experienced in his career.

Acknowledging the Emotional Impact

De la Fuente sympathized with the gravity of the situation, not only for Gavi but also for Barcelona, the national team, and himself. He likened the injury’s impact to the feeling of a lost game, expressing profound regret and sorrow for Gavi’s predicament.

Awaiting Test Results

Recognizing the severity of the situation, the manager urged patience, emphasizing the need to await the results of medical tests to ascertain the full extent of Gavi’s injury. The uncertainty surrounding the injury has left everyone involved deeply concerned and apprehensive about the young player’s well-being.

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