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Amna Al Qubaisi: Pioneering Female Representation in Motorsport

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Breaking Barriers in Formula Racing

Amna Al Qubaisi, known as the “First Female Emirati F3 Driver,” is revolutionizing motorsport in the UAE and beyond. Her journey from karting to competing on international circuits showcases her dedication, resilience, and trailblazing spirit.

Early Life and Inspiration

Born into a family passionate about racing, Amna’s father, Khaled Al Qubaisi, a racing driver himself, inspired her love for the sport. Growing up, Amna and her siblings spent considerable time on racetracks, nurturing her fascination with motorsport. At 14, she boldly expressed her desire to race, steering her career from gymnastics to karting.

Rising Through the Ranks

Amna’s racing career began in 2014 with karting, quickly advancing to national and international competitions. By 2017, she became the first Arab girl to participate in the UAE Rotax Max Challenge championship. Her remarkable progress continued as she became the first female Arab to compete in a Formula E test in Saudi Arabia in 2018 and the first female Arab to win a Formula 4 race at the F1 Grand Prix in 2019. Currently, she is signed with Red Bull, representing Visa Cashapp RB in the F1 Academy, marking another significant milestone in her career.

Challenges and Perseverance

Navigating a male-dominated sport, Amna faced numerous challenges, from skepticism to financial hurdles. Despite these obstacles, she remained determined, continuously honing her skills. A severe car crash in 2022 tested her resilience, but her commitment to racing saw her return to the track, undeterred by her injuries.

Support System and Education

Amna’s success is deeply rooted in her supportive family, especially her mother, who plays a significant role in her career. Alongside her racing endeavors, Amna prioritizes education, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Record Management and Archival Sciences at Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Amna dreams of establishing a racing academy to nurture and train female drivers in the UAE. Her vision is to create more opportunities for women in motorsport, fostering a new generation of racers.


Amna Al Qubaisi’s journey is a testament to her pioneering spirit and relentless pursuit of excellence. As she continues to break barriers and inspire future generations, Amna remains a powerful force in the world of motorsport, exemplifying that with passion and perseverance, anything is possible.

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