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All about the New Sharjah International Airport Automated Process

Sharjah International Airport has introduced a number of automated systems to improve travellers' travel experiences.

The Sharjah International Airport has implemented a range of automated processes to enhance the travel experience for passengers. 

These self-services cover various aspects of the journey, from check-in to baggage drop, passport control, and boarding. Here’s how it works:


  • Passengers can use self-check-in kiosks by scanning their passports or entering their Passenger Name Record (PNR).
  • After approval, the boarding pass and bag tag are printed.

Baggage drop:

  • Passengers can print their bag tags at the self-check-in kiosk. If already checked in online, they can use the ‘Tag and Fly’ kiosk to print the tag and then proceed to the self-baggage drop counter.

Passport control:

  • Smart gates are used for passport control.
  • Passengers place their passport photo page on the e-reader.
  • They scan the barcode with the e-reader.
  • Upon completion, the smart gate automatically opens, allowing passengers to proceed.


  • Passengers can use electronic gates to board the plane.

Smart information desk:

  • The airport has introduced a ‘smart information desk’ where passengers can virtually communicate with customer service staff.

These automated processes have reduced travel times, increasing the number of passengers and flights served at the airport while enhancing overall efficiency and passenger experience. 

Regardless of residency status, these self-services are available to all Air Arabia passengers.

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