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Ali Sethi’s Musical Sojourn in Dubai: A Night of Pasoori

On November 11, singer Ali Sethi took the stage at Dubai Opera House, marking a special night for both the artist and the audience.

Singer Ali Sethi graced the stage at Dubai Opera House on November 11, marking a special night for the artist and the audience. 

Hailing from New York for this performance, Sethi shared his weariness from the long-haul flight but expressed immense joy at the prospect of showcasing his talent at this prestigious venue. 

Despite jet lag, he indulged in the vibrant Dubai nights, relishing Middle Eastern cuisine and soaking in the energetic atmosphere.

Pasoori’s Global Triumph and Dubai’s Special Place:

Ali Sethi catapulted to pop stardom with the Coke Studio hit “Pasoori,” a collaboration with Shae Gill that took the music charts by storm a year ago. 

Since then, the song has become a global anthem, with Sethi gracing stages worldwide. His Dubai performance held a unique significance, especially at the renowned Dubai Opera House, a venue he described as incredibly exciting.

Dubai Opera House, known for hosting world-class artists, added Ali Sethi to its illustrious list. Reflecting on this honor, Sethi highlighted the importance of being part of such a distinguished institution. 

He marveled at sharing the season lineup with artists like Tinariwen, emphasizing the transcendence of his music beyond cultural boundaries.

Dubai’s Energy and Relaxed Vibes:

Amidst enjoying a delicious Iranian meal, Ali Sethi spoke of his appreciation for Dubai’s energy and laid-back atmosphere. 

Drawing comparisons to bustling New York City, he noted the city’s relaxed ambiance, expressing his enjoyment of leisurely activities like smoking sheesha, savoring kebabs, and sipping coffee late into the night.

Sethi discussed recent US citizenship and highlighted the advantages it brings to his international career. He touched on mobility challenges due to visa restrictions in certain countries but emphasized the importance of connecting with fans globally. 

In his view, Dubai could serve as a hub for artists to collaborate and create content that spans various art forms.

Diaspora Audiences and Pushing Artistic Boundaries:

Comparing audiences in Pakistan to the diaspora in places like the USA and UAE, Sethi praised the openness of diaspora audiences. 

He shared insights from a recent show in Atlanta, Georgia, where he encountered a diverse and electric crowd, inspiring him to explore new dimensions of representation and musical connections.

Ali Sethi playfully entertained the idea of obtaining a golden visa by expressing his love for Dubai, its cuisine, and laid-back vibe, jokingly stating that he would do it “just for the food.”

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