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Ali Bhai’s Winter Food Up: A Taste of India in Dubai

DALL·E 2024 01 07 00.03.02 A vibrant scene at Ali Bhais Winter Food Up in Dubai showing a bustling crowd enjoying various Indian street food items. The pop up stall is set up

Dubai’s food scene just got spicier with the arrival of Ali Bhai’s Winter Food Up, a new pop-up food stall located at Emirates Tower. This cozy spot offers a tantalizing variety of Indian street food, perfect for warming up during the winter months.

A Culinary Journey Through India’s Streets

Ali Bhai’s Winter Food Up serves a diverse range of Indian street food favorites, from the crunchy golgappa to the flavorful masala chai, and from the hearty samosa to the tangy dahi puri. Each dish is infused with the authentic spicy and sweet flavors of India, providing a true taste of Indian cuisine in Dubai​​​​.

The owner and chef, Ali Bhai, emphasizes the use of fresh and quality ingredients, ensuring each item is prepared on the spot, mirroring the authenticity of Indian street vendors. His goal is to bring the genuine taste of Indian street food to Dubai, particularly during the winter when people crave warm and comforting food​​.

More than Just Snacks

Apart from savory and sweet snacks, Ali Bhai’s Winter Food Up offers fulfilling meals that are sure to satisfy any appetite. Their menu includes Indian culinary staples like biryani and butter chicken, complemented perfectly with naan. For dessert, patrons can indulge in traditional Indian sweets like kulfi and warm gulab jamun, rounding off the dining experience with a sweet note​​.

Open every day from 10 am to midnight until the end of February, the pop-up offers reasonable prices and convenient online ordering options through Talabat or via phone as listed on their social media sites​​.

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