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Alexis Landot: Scaling New Heights in Urban Climbing

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A New Star in the World of Extreme Sports

Alexis Landot, a rising star in the world of urban climbing, has been making headlines with his daring feats and remarkable achievements. Recently, Landot, alongside the renowned climber Alain Robert, known as the “French Spiderman,” scaled the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, marking a significant milestone in his climbing career.

Early Life and Passion for Climbing

Born and raised in France, Alexis Landot developed a passion for climbing at a young age. Inspired by iconic climbers like Alain Robert, Landot dedicated himself to mastering the art of free solo climbing—a discipline that involves scaling structures without ropes or safety equipment. His early years were marked by rigorous training and a series of challenging climbs that honed his skills and built his reputation in the climbing community.

The Historic Burj Khalifa Climb

On November 29, 2023, Alexis Landot and Alain Robert achieved a historic feat by climbing the 828-meter-high Burj Khalifa in Dubai. This climb was part of Mashreq’s “Climb2Change” initiative, aimed at raising awareness and funds for global causes. The duo faced extreme heat, strong winds, and physical exhaustion, but their determination saw them reach the summit, to the applause of spectators and supporters worldwide.

Landot expressed his elation and gratitude in an Instagram post, reflecting on the honor of climbing with his childhood hero. He shared how Robert’s 2011 ascent of the Burj Khalifa had inspired him as a child and how it felt surreal to achieve this monumental climb alongside his mentor.

Beyond the Burj Khalifa

Alexis Landot’s climbing portfolio extends beyond the Burj Khalifa. Known for his fearless approach, Landot has scaled numerous skyscrapers in La Défense and Montparnasse Tower. His unique style of free solo climbing sets him apart, as he tackles these urban giants without the aid of ropes or harnesses, relying solely on his physical strength and mental fortitude.

Advocacy and Future Goals

Landot’s climbs are not just about personal achievement; they carry a message of environmental awareness and the importance of pushing one’s limits. Through the “Climb2Change” initiative, he aims to inspire others to take action against climate change and support various social causes.

Looking forward, Landot plans to continue his climbing endeavors, taking on new challenges and inspiring a global audience. His vision includes mentoring young climbers and promoting the sport through workshops and public speaking engagements.


Alexis Landot’s journey from a passionate young climber to a globally recognized figure in urban climbing is a testament to his dedication, courage, and commitment to making a difference. His historic ascent of the Burj Khalifa alongside Alain Robert has cemented his status as a leading figure in extreme sports. As he continues to scale new heights, Alexis Landot remains an inspiration to climbers and adventurers worldwide.

For more about Alexis Landot and his latest climbs, follow him on Instagram @alexis.landot.

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