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AlDhabi Almheiri: a young literary trailblazer championing child literacy

AlDhabi Almheiri is even an activist and publisher of other young authors.

AlDhabi Almheiri is even an activist and publisher of other young authors.

A Visionary Voice

In a digital age consumed by screens, nine-year-old Emirati AlDhabi Almheiri stands as a beacon of literary hope. 

Resolute in her mission, she harnesses the might of words to sculpt a brighter tomorrow for children, making waves as an author, activist, and the mastermind behind Rainbow Chimney, a pioneering bookstore and publishing house.

Inspiration Amidst Screens

During the pandemic’s height in 2020, AlDhabi observed children deeply immersed in screens.

Fueled by her profound love for books and an unwavering zeal, she launched Rainbow Chimney, an online sanctuary devoted to children’s literature and toys. Her mission? To pry young eyes away from screens and immerse them in the enchanting world of literature.

Inclusive Offerings

Distinguished by its commitment to inclusivity, Rainbow Chimney caters to children of all ages and abilities. 

It proudly houses books tailored for infants up to 13-year-olds, including those with special needs like ADHD, Down’s syndrome, autism, and visual impairments. Notably, the bookstore’s collection spans languages—English, French, and Arabic—etched on eco-friendly bamboo paper.

Curated Magic

Every book showcased on the platform undergoes AlDhabi’s discerning scrutiny, ensuring they blend entertainment with education, fostering an optimal learning experience for children. 

Her conviction echoes loud and clear: “Imagine a world devoid of electronics, bereft of book lovers—no avenue for reading and writing.”

A Luminary of Literacy

AlDhabi Almheiri’s spirited dedication to nurturing young minds through literature encapsulates the essence of a budding literary luminary, weaving tales of imagination and knowledge for generations to cherish.

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