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“Aldar Achieves Record Growth: 2023 Net Profit Surges by 40%”

"Aldar Achieves Record Growth: 2023 Net Profit Surges by 40%"

Aldar Properties reported a 40% increase in net profit for 2023, reaching Dh4.4 billion, driven by record development sales and an expanded investment portfolio. With the highest-ever quarterly development sales of Dh8.5 billion in Q4 and annual sales of Dh27.9 billion, Aldar has doubled its development revenue backlog to Dh36.8 billion, promising strong future income. This growth was supported by significant acquisitions and strong operational performance across its business sectors.

Aldar Properties’ financial performance in 2023 underscores its strategic growth and operational efficiency. The company’s success is attributed to its aggressive expansion strategy, including significant acquisitions that have broadened its investment portfolio and enhanced its market presence. This achievement marks a pivotal moment for Aldar, as it continues to solidify its position as a leading property developer in the region, promising a robust outlook for its stakeholders.

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