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Alain Robert and Alexis Landot: Scaling New Heights at Burj Khalifa

Renowned climbers Alain Robert and Alexis Landot just completed a stunning feat by mounting Dubai's landmark Burj Khalifa.

Renowned climbers Alain Robert and Alexis Landot recently achieved a breathtaking milestone by scaling the iconic Burj Khalifa in Dubai. 

Their thrilling adventure was part of Mashreq’s ‘Climb2Change’ global initiative, capturing the essence of human potential.

Return to Triumph: Alain’s Remarkable Comeback:

At 61, Alain Robert’s climb marked a remarkable return to Burj Khalifa, a feat he hadn’t anticipated after his first ascent over a decade ago. 

Expressing joy and surprise at his ability to conquer the skyscraper again, Alain reflected on the evolving spirit of climbers, encapsulated by climbing alongside a younger generation represented by Alexis.

A Dream Realized: Alexis and Alain’s Collaboration:

For Alexis, climbing with his childhood inspiration, Alain was a dream come true. Expressing delight at the opportunity, Alexis highlighted Alain’s profound impact on his aspirations from a young age.

Both climbers, rooted in classic rock climbing backgrounds, merge traditional and modern methods to prepare for extreme climbs. 

Their training involves a blend of athleticism, specific techniques, and mental endurance to conquer urban heights.

Mental Fortitude in Free Solo Climbing:

In free solo climbs, mental preparedness is crucial. Alexis discussed the dual mental states during climbs—relaxed and hyper-focused—which demand constant attention to detail and heightened senses. 

Each climb becomes a delicate dance with mortality, where a misstep could be critical.

Unique Emotions and Rebirth at the Summit:

Despite decades of experience, every climb evokes a unique set of emotions. Alain sees each successful ascent as a rebirth, having faced the brink of falling numerous times. Climbing for him is a continuous renewal of life.

Acknowledging the high-risk nature of their sport, both climbers emphasize the conscious assessment of risks and maintaining awareness while free soloing. 

They underline the perspective gained by constantly confronting the proximity of mortality.

The Essentials and Climb2Change Initiative:

Surprisingly, minimal equipment—climbing shoes, chalk, and occasionally straps—are their essentials. 

The Burj Khalifa climb, part of Mashreq’s ‘Climb2Change,’ aimed at advocating sustainability. Both climbers hope their climb resonates as a symbol of intergenerational unity against climate change.

Looking ahead, Alain and Alexis hinted at future climbs, expressing interest in revisiting Dubai’s architectural wonders. Their indomitable spirit continues to redefine human achievement, leaving a lasting impression on extreme climbing.

Legacy and Continuing the Journey:

Alain, contemplating future climbs, acknowledges his current residence in Bali and the desire to explore new challenges. 

Their journey embodies the pursuit of pushing boundaries while leaving an enduring legacy in extreme climbing.

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