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Al Wathba housing project: a milestone in Abu Dhabi’s development

The new project provides 347 new houses for residents.

The new project provides 347 new houses for residents.

Inauguration by Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed

In a significant moment for Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed, the Crown Prince, inaugurated the expansive Al Wathba housing project. 

Spanning an impressive 875,000 square meters, this development stands as a testament to the commitment towards providing improved living spaces for citizens. With a price tag surpassing Dh1.1 billion, the project introduces 347 new homes for the community.

A Comprehensive Community Space

The Al Wathba housing project goes beyond just housing; it’s designed to offer a holistic living experience. Featuring 15 parks that provide serene recreational spaces and four mosques capable of accommodating 1,725 individuals, the project prioritizes community engagement. 

Moreover, allocated plots for commercial and community facilities promise a well-rounded environment for residents.

Focus on Sustainable Design

During the inauguration, Sheikh Khaled took a keen interest in the project’s sustainable aspects. He was briefed on the sustainable design incorporated into the homes, showcasing a commitment to eco-friendly living spaces. 

This emphasis on sustainability aligns with the vision for a greener and more environmentally conscious future.

Meeting Emirati Needs and Ensuring Growth

Expressing his thoughts on the project, Sheikh Khaled emphasized its significance in meeting the needs of Emiratis in Abu Dhabi. He highlighted how initiatives like the Al Wathba housing project are instrumental in ensuring stability and fostering growth within the community. 

This commitment to providing quality living spaces reflects a dedication to the well-being and prosperity of the citizens.

The Al Wathba housing project stands not only as a housing solution but as a beacon of comprehensive community development, embracing sustainability and meeting the evolving needs of the residents in Abu Dhabi.

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