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Al Mulla Plaza Mishap: Shops Closed, Minor Injuries Reported

Following a partial collapse of the retail mall the previous evening, shops in Al Mulla Plaza in Dubai remained closed on Sunday.

Shops at Al Mulla Plaza in Dubai remained closed on Sunday following a partial collapse of the shopping mall the previous evening. 

The incident resulted in two individuals sustaining minor injuries. Al Mulla Plaza, one of the well-known shopping centers in Dubai, includes retail outlets and an apartment block.

Building Features and Immediate Response:

The building comprises retail spaces with an apartment block above. Although apartments were unaffected, shops remained cordoned off by Dubai Police. 

Officials were on-site inspecting the structure. Authorities acted swiftly to manage the situation and ensure the safety of residents and visitors.

Visitors to the mall on Sunday were unaware of the mishap, as they were not allowed inside. Security guards informed shoppers of the closure, emphasizing safety concerns. The popular landmark, Al Mulla Plaza, accommodates 108 duplexes and 60 retail outlets.

Resident Perspectives:

Residents expressed calmness, mentioning that the incident, involving the collapse of part of the roof plastering, was minor. Some families decided to move to hotels temporarily, but residents felt the situation was under control. Back-door access remained open for apartment block residents.

Authorities’ Swift Response:

Government departments promptly addressed the collapse, attributing it to the improper storage of heavy materials. The happening resulted in minor injuries to two individuals. 

The Government of Dubai Media Office assured a rapid response to guarantee the safety of everyone affected, including workers and visitors.

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