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Al Mulla Plaza Incident: Cars Stranded, and Post-Incident Challenges

A few cars stuck in the basement of Al Mulla Plaza in Dubai remain inaccessible a week after a portion of the structure collapsed.

A week after a section of Al Mulla Plaza in Dubai collapsed, some cars trapped in the building’s basement remain inaccessible. 

Dubai Police closed the basement parking after the incident, leaving affected car owners awaiting the completion of the investigation for their release.

Ongoing Investigation and Restricted Access:

The site visit revealed ongoing closures of retail outlets and sections of the basement parking, with a police officer stationed outside. 

Limited access for residents and office-goers remains through the back door, with the investigation continuing.

The Dubai Media Office cited improper storage of heavy materials as the cause of the incident on December 16, resulting in minor injuries to two individuals. 

Swift government responses ensured safety for all, including workers and visitors.

Challenges for Affected Car Owners:

Residents facing vehicle damages and subsequent immobilization in the basement resort to alternative commuting methods, such as renting cars, dealing with insurance claims, and adjusting daily routines for household errands.

One resident shared the financial burden, highlighting the challenge of paying installments for a new car while incurring additional monthly rental costs due to the vehicle being stuck in the basement.

Uncertainty on Insurance Claims:

Affected vehicle owners await clarity on which insurance company will cover the maintenance of their damaged cars. They anticipate more clarity post-investigation to proceed with their insurance claims.

While retail units remained closed, some offices in the plaza resumed operations on Monday, providing relief to employees eager to resume work. However, retail outlets are yet to reopen after the incident.

Positive Response from Reopened Offices:

Employees expressed satisfaction as offices reopened, allowing the resumption of operations, indicating a step towards normalcy after the disruption caused by the December 16 incident.

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