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Al Ain Book Festival Sees Surge in Reading Culture Among Children

The Al Ain Book Festival ended on a high note, with a significant shift in parental encouragement towards developing a reading culture among children.

The Al Ain Book Festival, themed ‘All Eyes on Al Ain,’ concluded on a high note, witnessing a remarkable shift in parental encouragement towards fostering a reading culture among children. 

The seven-day event hosted by the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre (ALC) saw a convergence of over 150 exhibitors showcasing more than 60,000 book titles across nine locations in Al Ain.

Boost in Reading Culture:

Publishers and authors noted a significant uptick in parents’ awareness of the importance of instilling a love for reading among children. 

Children’s books emerged as best-sellers during the festival, underscoring a renewed focus on enhancing Arabic language skills and cultural connections.

Dr. Ahmed Farajallah from Bibliosmia House Publishing and Distribution highlighted a decline in Arabic language proficiency among children, leading to heightened parental awareness of its impact on their future. 

This awareness spurred a surge in demand for children’s books and educational content to strengthen Arabic language skills.

Supporting Emerging Talents:

The festival also served as a platform for young Emirati authors to showcase their work. 

Authors like Amira Hassan shared their journey towards becoming published authors, citing support from publishing houses like Bibliosmia as instrumental in realizing their dreams.

Mehyar Ali Kurdi, managing director of Mominoun Without Borders for Publishing and Distribution, observed a revival in the publishing sector and book sales. 

Their release ‘Completing the Missing History of Al Ain’ garnered attention, emphasizing a rising interest in heritage-based literature.

Focus on Emirati Culture and Dialect:

Participating publishers such as Dar Ramsa Publishing and Distribution emphasized publications promoting Emirati culture and dialect. 

Abdullah Al Kaabi highlighted translated heritage books and children’s stories written in the Emirati dialect, catering to a diverse audience keen on understanding and preserving Emirati traditions.

Dar Shms, specializing in children’s and young adult literature, showcased stories penned by young Emirati talents. 

Director Haya Al Qasim highlighted the platform’s role in nurturing emerging writers, aiming to cover diverse topics like sustainability, heritage, and Emirati custom.

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