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AKS Color Carnival Returns for 4th Edition: Dubai’s Premier Holi Festival

AKS Color Carnival Returns for 4th Edition: Dubai's Premier Holi Festival

Dubai is all set to host the eagerly awaited 4th edition of the AKS Color Carnival, marking it as the city’s ultimate Holi Festival. Scheduled for March 2 at The Sevens Stadium, this vibrant extravaganza promises an unparalleled celebration akin to Tomorrowland.

Renowned DJs such as Ace, Buddha, KV5, and Yogmusic are gearing up to grace the stage, ensuring an electrifying atmosphere with their beats. Alongside, attendees can look forward to captivating performances by Dhol Players and enthralling Carnival Acts, adding to the festive fervor.

CEO Bharat M Harpalani expressed the event’s dedication to delivering top-notch entertainment. He stated, “AKS Holi brings a Tomorrowland look and feel to the UAE and beyond. Our commitment is unwavering – to continue bringing the best acts in the entertainment space to the region, ensuring the AKS Color Carnival grows at a rapid pace in the upcoming years.”

Anticipated to draw over 10,000 participants, this year’s carnival promises an array of experiences, including a shisha area, food trucks, VIP and kids play zones, and an adult play area, catering to diverse preferences.

The AKS Color Carnival has become a hallmark event in Dubai, attracting revelers from all backgrounds. From families seeking entertainment to music aficionados craving an unforgettable experience, the carnival unites people through music and celebration.

As Dubai’s premier Holi Festival, the AKS Color Carnival continues to captivate hearts with its blend of cultural festivities and modern entertainment. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, the carnival aims to solidify its status as a must-attend event on the city’s social calendar.

Don’t miss out on this vibrant celebration of colors and music! Join thousands as they come together to revel in the spirit of Holi at the AKS Color Carnival. Visit the official website for tickets and more information, and get ready to experience the magic of Holi like never before!

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