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Ajman Police: Stopping at Pedestrian Crossings Incur Dh500 Fine

Ajman Police have issued a harsh warning to motorists, emphasising that stopping at pedestrian crossings is a violation punishable by a Dh500 fine.

Ajman Police have issued a stern warning to motorists, emphasizing that stopping at pedestrian crossings is a violation that will result in a fine of Dh500. 

The move is part of an initiative to prioritize pedestrian safety and enforce traffic regulations.

Social Media Alert:

The warning was communicated through the official social media channels of Ajman Police, urging motorists to be mindful of pedestrian crossings and adhere to traffic rules. 

The post underlined the consequences of violating this regulation and the financial penalty.

Focus on Pedestrian Rights:

In the online announcement, Ajman Police encouraged drivers to prioritize pedestrian safety by refraining from halting their vehicles at pedestrian crossings. 

The goal is to create awareness about giving pedestrians the right of way at designated crosswalks.

Legal Ramifications:

The post reiterates the legal ramifications of the violation, making it clear that a Dh500 fine will be imposed on motorists who disregard the rule. 

This strict enforcement aims to enhance road safety and reduce the risk of pedestrian accidents.

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