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AI’s Role in Pre-Diabetes Treatment: A Significant Leap in UAE’s Healthcare

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Harnessing Technology for Early Disease Detection and Management

Dubai: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is making a remarkable stride in healthcare by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance pre-diabetes treatment. This innovative approach comes as over 1,000 individuals were diagnosed with pre-diabetes in the UAE within a short span of 100 days.

Nationwide Diabetes Screening and AI Integration

A comprehensive nationwide diabetes screening program, which examined more than 12,000 people, has paved the way for this significant development. The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHP), in collaboration with the private sector, has spearheaded this initiative. The screening focused on glycated hemoglobin levels to gauge sugar levels in patients’

blood over preceding months.

This groundbreaking project’s data is now being used by artificial intelligence systems to predict the potential consequences of the disease. The aim is to administer early preventive treatment to those with pre-diabetes, reducing their long-term dependency on medication. This proactive approach is a testament to the UAE’s commitment to incorporating cutting-edge technology in healthcare.

The Scope and Impact of the Screening

The screening revealed that 8.9% of the 12,877 people tested were in the pre-diabetic stage. The pharmaceutical company Merck, which managed the screening program, expects the number of pre-diabetics to decrease following medical interventions and lifestyle support over six months. This is crucial because pre-diabetes, characterized by elevated blood sugar levels, can escalate to Type 2 diabetes if not managed properly. The condition can be prevented with lifestyle changes.

The Role of Lifestyle in Diabetes Prevention

The program emphasizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle in preventing Type 2 diabetes. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, maintaining a healthy body weight, and avoiding smoking are some of the key recommendations. Such lifestyle interventions are essential in managing pre-diabetes and preventing its progression.

Future Prospects and AI’s Expanding Role

The UAE plans to expand this initiative, with AI playing a central role in identifying high-risk individuals through patient profiles and databases. This technological integration is expected to revolutionize the way health risks are managed in the UAE, particularly in terms of diabetes, heart disease, and other lifestyle-related conditions.


The UAE’s successful integration of AI in its healthcare system, especially for pre-diabetes management, marks a significant advancement in medical technology usage. It highlights the nation’s innovative approach towards healthcare and its commitment to using technology for the betterment of its citizens’ health.

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