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Airfares to India Drop After Airline Removes Fuel Charge

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Affordable Air Travel to India Now a Reality

Travelers in the UAE are rejoicing over the recent drop in airfares to India, thanks to a significant move by IndiGo, a low-cost Indian airline. The airline’s decision to remove fuel charges has led to a notable decrease in ticket prices. Popular destinations like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kerala are now accessible for fares below Dh400, marking a new era of affordability in air travel​​.

Fuel Charge Removal: A Turning Point

This change comes after IndiGo announced the removal of fuel charges following a decrease in Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) prices. This move has not only reduced fares by up to 4% but also positioned ticket prices to India among the most competitive seen in recent times. The dynamic nature of ATF prices means that fare adjustments will continue in response to market conditions​​.

Wider Impact and Future Trends

Initially introduced in October 2023 to counter rising ATF prices, the fuel charge ranged from Dh15 to Dh50 per ticket. Its removal, influenced by three consecutive months of declining ATF prices, is likely to prompt other budget airlines to follow suit, potentially leading to more price drops and enhanced travel affordability​​.


IndiGo’s decision is a welcome development for travelers, signaling a shift towards more economical air travel between the UAE and India. As other airlines consider similar moves, passengers can look forward to continued competitive pricing and increased travel opportunities.

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