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Airbus reports strong Q3 results with 21% increase in net profit

Airbus is working to increase aircraft production after having climbed it back dramatically.

Airbus is working to increase aircraft production after having climbed it back dramatically.

Positive Financial Performance:

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has announced a robust financial performance in the third quarter, reporting a 21% increase in net profit. The company’s net profits reached 806 million euros ($863 million), reflecting its successful efforts in assembling and delivering more planes to clients.

Revenue Growth:

Airbus witnessed a substantial 12% growth in revenues during the same period, reaching 14.9 billion euros. 

This positive trend highlights the company’s ability to navigate challenges and capitalize on increased demand for aircraft, especially as it gradually scales up production after significant cutbacks during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Production Boost and Delivery Success:

The increase in net profit is attributed to higher commercial aircraft deliveries, demonstrating Airbus’s success in managing its production and delivery processes. The company has been actively working to boost aircraft production, aligning with recovering demand in the aviation industry.

Strategic Focus on Production:

Airbus’s Chief Executive, Guillaume Faury, emphasized the importance of higher commercial aircraft deliveries in the positive quarterly results. The company’s strategic focus on production, coupled with efficient performance in the helicopter segment, contributed to the overall financial success.

Challenges and Opportunities:

While Airbus has faced challenges, including reassessments of certain satellite development programs leading to associated charges, the overall outlook remains optimistic. The company’s ability to adapt and navigate these challenges showcases resilience in a dynamic market.

Global Aircraft Industry Dynamics:

The positive results align with the broader dynamics in the global aircraft industry, where companies like Airbus and its US rival Boeing are experiencing increased demand as air travel gradually recovers from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Airbus’s strong third-quarter performance underscores its resilience, strategic focus on production, and successful delivery efforts in a recovering aviation market. The company’s ability to adapt to changing conditions positions it well for continued success as it plays a pivotal role in meeting the demand for commercial aircraft.

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