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Air Traffic Congestion and Technical Glitches Affect Flights in India

Due to air traffic congestion at Delhi airport, a Vistara flight from Kolkata to Delhi, UK778, was rerouted to Lucknow on Monday.

A Vistara flight, UK778, traveling from Kolkata to Delhi, was redirected to Lucknow on Monday due to air traffic congestion at Delhi airport. 

It is anticipated that the flight will land in Lucknow at 1845 hours. Vistara issued an official statement acknowledging the diversion and urged passengers to stay tuned for updates.

Technical Issue Delays SpiceJet Flight from Mumbai to Gwalior:

In a separate incident, a technical glitch disrupted the departure of SpiceJet flight SG-429 from Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport to Gwalior on Sunday. 

Originally scheduled for 08:35 am, the flight returned to the bay due to the reported technical problem. 

SpiceJet’s spokesperson confirmed the issue, stating that the departure time was adjusted and that the flight is expected to depart shortly for Gwalior.

These incidents highlight the challenges airlines and passengers face due to factors such as air traffic congestion and technical issues, underlining the importance of proactive communication and resolution in such situations.

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