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Air Taxis: Austrian Firm Collaborates for Efficient Urban Transport

FlyNow Aviation is working with Dubai authorities to develop NASA-inspired air taxis for efficient urban transportation.

An Austrian firm, FlyNow Aviation, is collaborating with Dubai authorities to introduce NASA-inspired air taxis designed for efficient urban transport. 

The electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) air taxis are set to be operational in 28 months, addressing concerns about traffic congestion in megacities. 

The eVTOLs are equipped with a patented rotor system, providing efficient lift and control, making them suitable for various environments, including high altitudes.

Cargo Version Before Passenger Transport:

FlyNow Aviation plans to launch a cargo version of the eVTOL in 28 months, capable of carrying up to 200kg. 

The cargo version’s operational philosophy aligns with NASA’s Mars helicopter ‘Ingenuity,’ emphasizing efficiency and adaptability. 

The passenger version will follow the cargo version, offering comfortable and stylish travel at a cruise speed of 130 km/h.

Sound and Flight Efficiency:

The eVTOLs boast a sound level equivalent to a dishwasher, ensuring a quiet and unintrusive flight experience. 

With a 50-km range and an additional 25 km for security reasons, the air taxis aim to provide an affordable, operable, and efficient urban transport solution. 

The company has already secured patents for its technology, and initial customers have signed up, indicating early success and interest.

Autopilot and Controlled Airspace:

The eVTOLs will operate on autopilot, following predefined routes with specific landing and starting hubs. 

Flight plans will be devised based on weather conditions, approved by air traffic control, and only interfered with by authorized entities. 

The vehicles will be equipped with collision avoidance sensors, and air traffic control will have sole authority to intervene in the flight path, ensuring controlled and safe airspace.

Entry into the Middle Eastern Market:

FlyNow Aviation sees the UAE and Saudi Arabia as lucrative markets and aims to make inroads into the Middle Eastern market through the MENA region. 

The company is in talks with various entities and investors, with Air Chateau, a private heliport operator in the UAE, being one of its partners. 

The region’s innovation, pace, and ambition make it an attractive entry point for FlyNow Aviation’s futuristic urban transport solutions.

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