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Air India Introduces Special Seating Policy for Female Travelers

Air India has apparently set a new policy that allows female customers to select specific seats in order to make flight travel more comfortable

In a move aimed at making air travel more convenient and comfortable for women, Air India has reportedly implemented a new policy that allows female passengers to select special seats. 

This initiative, reported by a local media outlet, is set to provide added comfort to solo female travelers and mothers.

A Gender-Sensitive Seating Practice:

According to the Indian newspaper Hindustan Times (HT), the policy allows solo female flyers, particularly mothers, to choose alternative seats, ideally aisle or window seats. The directive detailing this policy was communicated through an internal mail.

As quoted in HT, the mail states, “To ensure the female guests traveling with us have a comfortable flight, we as a company are adopting a gender-sensitive seat assignment practice.”

Ensuring Comfort for Solo Female Passengers:

In vacant seats, solo female passengers seated between male travelers may be offered an alternative seat to enhance their comfort during the flight. 

Additionally, cabin crew members may discreetly relocate mothers traveling with infants to seats equipped with bassinets.

Addressing Passenger Feedback:

The introduction of this “new policy” comes in response to feedback received by the airline. It was reported that female passengers traveling alone had expressed discomfort when assigned middle seats. 

This policy change reflects Air India’s commitment to addressing the needs and preferences of its female passengers, ensuring a more pleasant flying experience.

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