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Air Canada Apologizes for Questioning British Lawmaker’s Travel

Air Canada has apologised to British Labour MP Mohammad Yasin for the extra questioning he received while travelling.

According to the country’s Transport Minister, Pablo Rodriguez, Air Canada has apologized to British Labour Member of Parliament Mohammad Yasin for the additional questioning he experienced while traveling to and from Canada.

Transport Minister Rodriguez asserted that apologizing to Mohammad Yasin was the correct action. The incident occurred as Yasin traveled with a British parliamentary committee to Canada.

Airline’s Explanation:

Air Canada explained that additional screening procedures, including questioning, may be initiated by authorized government agencies. Airlines are required to comply with these procedures. 

The airline stated that it followed the prescribed procedures, leading to some discomfort for Yasin, for which they apologized. However, Yasin was subsequently cleared to board and continue his travel schedule.

Questioning and Controversy:

Labour MP Clive Betts informed the UK House of Commons that Yasin had been asked if he was carrying a weapon and where he was born during the questioning. 

The MP noted that the questioning was related to Yasin’s name, Mohammad. Betts also suggested that the Canadian government may have been involved in the questioning.

Allegations of Racism and Islamophobia:

Betts raised concerns about the nature of the questioning, which he described as “racist and Islamophobic.” 

He indicated that similar challenges occurred at airports in London, England, Montreal, Canada, and Toronto. 

Yasin, traveling on committee business representing the British Parliament, described the experience as stressful and humiliating.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) declined to comment on the incident, citing privacy concerns.

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