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Air Arabia Launches New City Check-In Facility at City Centre Al Shindagha in Dubai

Air Arabia Launches New City Check-In Facility at City Centre Al Shindagha in Dubai

Air Arabia has unveiled its latest city check-in facility at City Centre Al Shindagha in Dubai’s Al Fahidi area, expanding its network to 12 such facilities across the UAE.

The newly opened facility offers customers the convenience of dropping off their bags and obtaining boarding passes a full 24 hours before their flights, with the flexibility to do so up to 8 hours before departure. This service aims to enhance convenience for travelers, allowing them greater flexibility in managing their pre-flight arrangements.

In addition to the check-in services, the facility will soon introduce a convenient bus service connecting City Centre Al Shindagha with Sharjah International Airport, further enhancing accessibility for passengers.

Operational daily from 10 am to 10 pm, the facility provides passengers with the opportunity to purchase additional baggage allowance, select preferred seats, or make adjustments to their flight plans as needed.

Passengers flying from Sharjah International Airport can utilize any of the city check-in facilities located across Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Ajman, while those traveling from Zayed International Airport can access the city check-in facility in Abu Dhabi. This streamlined process aims to save passengers time and eliminate the hassle of waiting at the airport, allowing them to proceed directly to their flight upon arrival.

Air Arabia’s introduction of the new City Check-In facility aligns with its commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and value-added solutions to its passengers. The airline continues to prioritize customer satisfaction and seeks to meet the evolving needs of travelers by offering convenient and affordable travel options.

With this expansion, Air Arabia reaffirms its dedication to providing seamless travel experiences and enhancing customer satisfaction through innovative solutions and services.

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