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Aid Delivery Stalled at Egypt-Gaza Border Amidst Renewed Conflict

Following the commencement of Israel's military incursion on Friday, supplies has become stuck near the Egypt-Gaza border.

The resumption of Israel’s military campaign on Friday has led to aid being stranded near the Egypt-Gaza border. 

Truck drivers anticipate further delays in the complex delivery process, which had briefly accelerated during a week-long truce.

Ongoing Bombardment and Delivery Challenges:

As the bombardment resumed, truck drivers reported a halt in their movement. Saleh Ebada, a driver waiting for inspection for eight days, described the continuous artillery and planes, stating, “We haven’t moved.” 

Aid and fuel trucks from Egypt, entering Gaza through the Rafah crossing, have reportedly stopped their deliveries.

International flights delivering aid to Al Arish airport in Sinai have also been impacted. 

Convoys of trucks from Cairo have faced challenges in delivering aid as the entry points undergo security inspections and scanning supervised by Israeli personnel, leading to bottlenecks.

Challenges and Delays for Egyptian Truck Drivers:

Egyptian truck drivers have faced lengthy delays during inspections at the Al-Awja and Nitzana crossings on Egypt’s border with Israel. 

Over the past week, the truce allowed more aid to enter Gaza, but quantities remained insufficient for the displaced population.

UN officials labeled the resumption of fighting as “catastrophic” and cast doubt on the continuation of aid delivery. 

The Rafah crossing had been the primary entry point for aid, but a round trip of over 80 km for inspections at other border crossings had caused challenges.

Pleas for Opening Kerem Shalom Crossing:

The United Nations has urged Israel to open the Kerem Shalom crossing near Rafah, which handled larger quantities of goods before the conflict. 

Israel, concerned about aid falling into the hands of Hamas, has thus far refused this request.

Truce’s Impact on Aid Trucks:

Approximately 200 aid trucks entered Gaza daily during the truce, doubling the previous average. However, this remains below the required amounts for Gaza’s population. 

Egyptian truck drivers have faced challenges, such as unloading at Rafah and dealing with interruptions during the war.

As the conflict resumes, drivers anticipate further delays and complications in the aid delivery process, raising concerns about the well-being of Gaza’s population.

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