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Aid Awaits: Relief Efforts Pile Up in Egypt’s Al Arish Military Base for Gaza

Life-saving aid continues to flow in for the people of Gaza in a show of humanitarian solidarity.

In a display of humanitarian solidarity, life-saving aid continues to pour in for the people of Gaza. 

At the Al Arish Military Base in Egypt, now functioning as a vast storage facility, aid packages are stacked high, labeled, sealed, and ready for deployment. 

These parcels, destined for those affected by a deepening humanitarian crisis in Gaza, are symbols of global goodwill. Yet, with border restrictions and fuel shortages, a mere fraction of this assistance reaches its intended recipients.

A Situation Unfolding:

As Khaleej Times reporters arrived at the Al Arish Military Base, approximately 50 kilometers from the Egypt-Gaza Al Rafah crossing, they were met with a staggering volume of aid meant to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people. 

The humanitarian potential within these boxes, if only they could cross the border into Gaza, could make a substantial difference in the lives of those in need. However, the logistical reality tells a different story.

The Bottlenecks at the Border:

While humanitarian aid is ready for dispatch, the limited movement of trucks across the border presents a significant challenge. 

With fuel supplies running low, only a fraction of the available aid makes it into Gaza, falling far short of what the United Nations deems necessary.

Khaled Zayed, the head of the Egyptian Red Crescent in North Sinai, explained, “We have received over 700 metric tonnes of aid for Gazans, but the stocks are piled up here at the military base due to limited trucks crossing the border.”

The Unsung Heroes:

Despite the challenges, the heroes of this humanitarian story are the hundreds of volunteers from the Egyptian Red Crescent, working tirelessly at the base. 

They ensure that essential items are organized, sealed, packed, and stored properly, making them ready for dispatch as soon as circumstances allow.

Categorized for Speed and Efficiency:

The volunteers have organized the storage area strategically, making quick identification and dispatch more manageable. 

The various sections in the warehouse encompass essential categories: medical equipment and electronics, food, children’s and women’s necessities, clothing, daily essentials, and blankets. 

The food section is further categorized by expiration dates, distinguishing between canned and liquid food items.

Effective Communication: Key to Successful Aid Delivery:

While substantial aid arrives in Gaza, an essential element is sometimes overlooked: coordinating donations with the immediate needs on the ground. Some aid items, such as rice and lentils, have become unusable due to water and fuel shortages. 

This is where continuous communication between the volunteers at the base and the Red Crescent in Gaza plays a critical role.

“Communication is crucial. The most required materials are stored near the truck’s entrance to the airbase, so it gets loaded quickly and dispatched,” noted Sameh, a volunteer at the military base.

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