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AI Poised to Automate Over 50% of Education Jobs Globally, Says Expert

Artificial intelligence with generative powers is poised to disrupt the education sector, automating more than half of all positions in educational institutions globally.

Artificial intelligence with generative capabilities is set to revolutionize the education sector, automating more than 50% of jobs in educational institutions worldwide, including the UAE. 

Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera, made this prediction during the launch of Coursera’s new AI features and products to support the UAE’s talent transformation agenda for a digital future.

AI’s Impact on Education:

Maggioncalda emphasized that traditional AI in education and workforce training had previously automated around 15% of job tasks. However, introducing advanced AI, such as GPT-4, has significantly increased this figure. 

More than half of educator job tasks can be automated to varying degrees. This transformative potential extends to all levels of education, including higher education, vocational education, and K-12.

AI’s role in education goes beyond automation. It can analyze students’ learning patterns and offer customized learning materials tailored to their needs and pace. 

Additionally, AI can automate administrative tasks such as grading, scheduling, and resource allocation, allowing educators to focus more on teaching and accelerate the learning process.

Bridging the Digital Skill Gap:

Coursera, with over 4,000 courses translated into Arabic using AI, aims to help individuals in the UAE enhance their skills for the digital era. 

As the national digital economy is expected to grow significantly, Coursera seeks to bridge the country’s digital skill gap and equip learners with in-demand skills, thereby supporting economic growth.

Maggioncalda emphasized the importance of equal access to world-class learning and highlighted the power of AI in bridging language barriers for millions of learners in the UAE.

Popular Courses and Localized Content:

Some of the most popular courses in the UAE include deep teaching solutions, data analytics, and negotiation strategies. 

Learners can access course materials, including readings, video subtitles, quizzes, assessments, and discussion prompts, all translated into the local language. 

Initially accessible to Coursera’s business, campus, and government customers, the translated content will be made available to all learners in the coming months.

Collaborative Initiatives:

Coursera has collaborated with Dubai Police to create job-relevant learning pathways for leaders, managers, and executives. 

These pathways encompass soft skills, crisis management, cyber security, and data-related skills. 

The partnership has witnessed significant enrollment and course completion, with plans to introduce ‘Grow with Google’ scholarships for Dubai Police personnel and their family members. 

The partnership’s future will involve the integration of Career Academy, offering online training for professional and technical careers.

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