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Ahmed Alliusie: The Chinese-Emirati Social Media Sensation

Ahmed Alliusie, a Chinese expat, has gone viral on social media for his command of the Emirati dialect of Arabic.

Ahmed Alliusie, a Chinese expatriate who has called the UAE home for fifty years, has become a social media sensation for his mastery of the Emirati dialect of the Arabic language. His unique linguistic journey and cultural integration have captured the attention of many online.

Early Beginnings:

Ahmed arrived in the Emirates in 1972, and his Arabic journey commenced when his father enrolled him in a government school while his siblings chose international education. 

Despite being the only Chinese student among Emiratis, Ahmed quickly found his place and embraced the Emirati culture.

Embracing the Emirati Culture:

Ahmed recalls his initial days, noting how he seamlessly adapted to the Emirati dialect within weeks. His fond memories of communal gatherings, Ramadan traditions, and neighborly connections deeply resonate with him, fostering a love for the Emirati culture.

Arabic Mastery and Business Ventures:

Today, as a successful businessman with companies across Gulf countries, Ahmed’s proficiency in Arabic has been transformative. He practices the language in daily interactions, delighting locals by effortlessly conversing, and even authored a book, ‘Chinese with an Emirati Flavour,’ in Arabic.

Social Media Stardom:

His social media journey began two and a half years ago, gaining rapid traction on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat (@leekhaleeji). Ahmed amassed a considerable following with his multilingual prowess and engaging content, earning endearing titles like ‘Ahmed the Chinese’ from his admirers.

Cultural Fusion and Community Response:

Ahmed’s infectious humor and dedication to Arabic learning have resonated deeply, fostering a sense of community and cultural exchange online. Comments from his followers reflect admiration, respect, and a strong sense of inclusion, acknowledging him as a cherished member of the community.

Celebrating Arabic Language:

As the National Day of Arabic Language (December 18) approaches, Ahmed’s incredible linguistic journey stands as a testament to the joy and unity language can bring. His story embodies the celebration of cultural fusion and the power of language in connecting people across diverse backgrounds.

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