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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Ahmad Mahmood – 19 year old entrepreneur is building numerous successful businesses.

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Dedication, relentlessness, and finding comfort in the uncomfortable.
According to Ahmad Mahmood, 19 years old, these are the 3 things that make a person a capable entrepreneur. At an age when most people are barely getting through university, Ahmad is an entrepreneur who manages his business along with university.

Ahmad says that he first started working at the age of 15. He had a sneakers page on Instagram. He then moved on to doing internships and gaining experience with his Uncle in ‘Deals on Wheels’ which dealt in luxury cars. Currently, he has a channel on YouTube called ‘Ahmad Mahmood’ where he uploads vlogs and podcasts. Apart from this, he owns an influencer management company Plug Media, which is a partner in a cloud computing company, and several others.
At a young age, he is doing well for himself. This is because he wanted to build something of his own and not live off his family’s money. He is inspired by the number of opportunities that life is offering him and wants to keep grabbing them.

When asked, ‘Who supported you and who do you thank for your success?’ he replied, ‘I thank God for all that he has bestowed upon me. I have many people who support me but my parents and uncle are the biggest supporters I have.’ One of his goals in life is to make his parents and loved ones proud of him.
Something that makes Ahmad unique is his social skills. He is networking with the right people that allow him to grow his business. He urges everyone to work on their social skills as they are sure to help you in life.
For young, aspiring entrepreneurs he has some valuable advice, ‘Build good habits as they will shape you into a better individual. Set a goal. There is no point in doing something without having clear goals.’
His plan for the future is simple yet effective. He wants to build more sources of income, ideally 8 good sources. He will be focusing on stocks, crypto investments, and rental income to do that.

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