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Advisory to Citizens Following Tragic Prague University Shooting

Following a terrible shooting event at a university, the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a critical advisory to Emiratis in Prague, Czech Republic.

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a vital advisory to Emiratis in Prague, Czech Republic, following a devastating shooting incident at a university. 

The ministry urged citizens to exercise extreme caution and avoid the area where the shooting occurred, emphasizing safety and adherence to Czech authorities’ directives.

Emergency Protocols and Assistance:

In its communication on X (formerly Twitter), the ministry stressed the importance of following safety instructions provided by Czech authorities. 

Emiratis were urged to utilize the emergency line at +97180024 for immediate assistance and register for the service to ensure efficient communication during emergencies.

Tragic Outcome and Details of the Incident:

Tragedy struck Prague as a mass shooting at a university claimed the lives of 11 individuals, including the gunman, with nine others left severely injured, according to the Czech capital’s emergency services department on X. 

The incident occurred at Jan Palach Square near Prague’s Old Town Square.

Law Enforcement Response and Resolution:

Czech police swiftly responded to the crisis after 3 pm local time, addressing the school shooting in the vicinity of Jan Palach Square. 

Law enforcement confirmed the elimination of the gunman, securing the affected area near Charles University in Prague.

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