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Advisory Issued: Following Accident on Mohammad Bin Zayed Road

Dubai Police reported a recent mishap on the critical Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, just before the AlAin - Dubai Bridge.

Dubai Police have reported a recent accident on the crucial Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, specifically before the AlAin – Dubai Bridge towards Abu Dhabi. 

The event highlights the importance of road safety, prompting authorities to issue an advisory to all motorists.

Key Details of the Incident:

The accident occurred on a major stretch of Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, a key artery connecting various parts of the emirate. 

While the statement does not provide specific details about the accident, Dubai Police emphasize the significance of cautious driving and adherence to safety measures.

Safety Reminder for Motorists:

In response to the incident, Dubai Police advise all motorists to exercise heightened vigilance on the road. The statement reminds drivers to prioritize safety, preserve a safe distance from other vehicles, and adhere to speed limits.

Ensuring Road Safety:

Road safety remains a top priority for authorities and such advisories aim to create awareness among the public about the significance of safe driving practices. 

The collaboration between law enforcement and drivers plays a crucial part in maintaining road safety and preventing accidents. 

Motorists are urged to stay informed, follow traffic guidelines, and contribute to creating a secure road environment for everyone.

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