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Adam Nasir- The man who accomplished his dream and is now helping others to achieve their dreams.

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Growing up, we all have big dreams. We all are ambitious and want to accomplish higher levels in life. But how many actually burn the midnight oil to accomplish our dreams and ambitions? The answer is not many. The man, the legend- Adam Nasir is one of the few people who not only accomplished HIS dream, he helped several others accomplish THEIR dreams. Adam Nasir is a Dubai-based entrepreneur and the owner of Smarter Contact, a software company employing 30+ people internationally. He lives by the motto of “life on your terms”. At the age of 8, he moved to America from Morocco never losing sight of the dream to create a life of complete freedom and help the people he loves. He says that having a purpose is the most essential thing in life. Adam started his career as a kid working at McDonald’s, moving up to a real estate investor, and transitioned to an owner of a tech company. It was all part of the process he says. The skills you learn doing the small things build you up and allow you to do the big things on the highest level. He once gave a homeless man 5 dollars and few words of inspiration. In giving these 5 dollars it gave the man’s life a 180-degree turn and now making $80,000 dollars per year. It is a very popular YouTube video. “One of the greatest achievements a person can make is to leave the world a better place than we found it.” People can accomplish great things, but if it’s not helping the world in the process it’s meaningless and only self-serving. Adam truly embodies this. Adam is the founder and CEO of Smarter Contact which is a popular SaaS platform. They are building a popular all-in-one platform messaging platform. The company has bold plans to grow to over 100 employees within the next 18 months. Long term, Adam’s vision is philanthropic.

He plans to build opportunities for talented young people in impoverished countries to succeed. Coming from a lack of opportunities in Morocco, it’s very difficult for people to succeed without proper infrastructure. “There are smart people all over the world but limited with opportunities. With the accessibility of the internet and hardware, a young person in the villages of Africa can gain skills and make a sustainable income remote to provide for his family and create freedom in their own life.These are some of the best people in the world and I want to help them achieve this.” Coming from a lack of opportunity, he wants to create a platform to train, build and offer work opportunities for the next generation. In his words, success is defined as “leaving the world better than you found it” The question that comes to any person’s mind is, ‘How did you make a name for yourself? Isn’t it difficult to do that as a beginner?’ Well, we won’t sugarcoat it for you. It is difficult but NOT impossible but know, that the struggle and failures shape you. Before climbing mountain you must focus on one single step at a time and if you fall it’s OK, get back up. The only important step is the next one you take, not the distant peak. Adam did it by working relentlessly on his craft, providing massive value to his customers, never giving up, and building an outstanding team of people. We hope this article inspires you to grow and know that anyone can start from anywhere, simply start and take the next step. You can find more on Adam on Instagram @lifewithnas and also on Linkedin.

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