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Actors’ Union Rejects Studios’ “Last Offer” Amid Hollywood Strike

On Monday, SAG-AFTRA said that it could not accept the studios' "last, best, and final offer" made over the weekend.

The union representing striking actors, SAG-AFTRA, announced on Monday that it could not accept the studios’ “last, best, and final offer” presented over the weekend. 

The ongoing strike, which has paralyzed Hollywood for four months, shows no signs of resolution, as both sides remain at odds.

Subheading 2: Stalemate Persists:

Negotiators from SAG-AFTRA had been deliberating the proposal from studios, including Disney, Netflix, Warner, Universal, Paramount, and Sony, since Saturday. 

In a statement to its members shared on social media, the committee expressed a commitment to ending the 116-day strike “responsibly.” However, they highlighted several unresolved issues, including concerns related to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Growing Pressure for a Resolution:

The pressure to reach a deal has been mounting rapidly. The strike has placed many actors in financial hardship, and studios grapple with substantial gaps in their production schedules for the upcoming year and beyond. 

Notably, CEO-level executives from the studios were involved in recent talks, underscoring the urgency of ending the crisis.

The plight of Hollywood’s Working Actors:

Actors below the upper echelons of Hollywood have struggled to maintain a decent living due to outdated pay structures that have not kept up with inflation and changes in the industry. 

The growth of streaming platforms, which often produce shorter series with minimal residuals for actors, has significantly affected their income.

The use of Artificial Intelligence, particularly the potential for an actor’s likeness to be used long after filming, remains a point of contention. 

Studios are eager to resume productions, but unresolved issues prevent an agreement.

Netflix’s Perspective:

Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos indicated that negotiations are ongoing and said, “We’re at the table, and we’re working hard to get it done.” 

He expressed optimism about resolving but acknowledged the complexity of the negotiations, emphasizing the goal of getting people back to work in the industry.

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