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Actor Johnny Ruffo Passes Away After Battle with Brain Cancer

Johnny Ruffo, an Australian singer and actor best known for his role in the serial opera Home and Away, died at the age of 35.

Australian singer and actor Johnny Ruffo, known for his appearances on reality shows like The X Factor Australia and Dancing with the Stars Australia, as well as his role in the soap opera Home and Away, has passed away at age 35. 

Ruffo battled brain cancer for several years, and his death was announced on his Instagram account.

Rise to Fame and Reality Show Triumphs:

Johnny Ruffo gained prominence in 2011 by participating in The X Factor Australia, where he finished third. 

The following year, he won the 12th season of Dancing with the Stars Australia. His acting career included a stint in the popular soap opera Home and Away from 2013 to 2016.

Diagnosed with Brain Cancer at 28:

Ruffo was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2017 at the age of 28. After undergoing intensive treatment for two years and achieving remission, his cancer returned in 2020. 

In August 2022, he informed me that his cancer was terminal. Despite his health challenges, Ruffo continued to inspire others and maintained an optimistic outlook.

Contributions to Cancer Awareness:

Throughout his battle with cancer, Johnny Ruffo actively participated in fundraising and awareness campaigns related to brain cancer. 

He used his platform to share his journey, support others facing similar challenges, and raise awareness about the disease.

Legacy of Inspiration and Impact:

Fans and colleagues expressed their grief on social media, remembering Ruffo as a fighter and an inspiration. 

His positive attitude, resilience, and contributions to cancer awareness impacted those who followed his journey.

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