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Abu Dhabi’s Upcoming Household Income and Expenditure Survey

Abu Dhabi is planning to undertake a comprehensive 'Household Income and Expenditure Survey' to better understand family spending habits.

In 2024, Abu Dhabi is set to launch a comprehensive ‘Household Income and Expenditure Survey’ aimed at understanding family spending patterns and income distribution across different segments within the emirate. 

The survey intends to gather data on demographic traits, family sizes, and economic profiles of Emiratis and non-Emiratis residing in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra regions.

The survey will delve into various income categories, from low to high-income groups, shedding light on the cost of living for families across different economic strata. 

It seeks to introduce poverty indicators as part of its assessment to address the challenges of poverty within Abu Dhabi.

Collaborative Efforts and Survey Details:

This survey is conducted every five years and is a joint initiative involving the Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi, the Ministry of Community Development, and the federal Competitiveness and Statistics Centre. 

The extensive sample size of 19,000 families, with 11,000 households in Abu Dhabi, will be represented across 260 areas, aiming to encompass 70% Emirati and 30% non-Emirati households.

The data collected aims to provide essential insights for legislative and executive bodies to enhance the overall quality of life. It will gauge average spending on goods and services and family income data and help construct the Consumer Price Index (CPI) baskets.

Detailed Metrics and Analysis:

The survey will examine specific spending patterns, including essential items such as food expenditures like rice, flour, meat, and chicken. 

It plans to explore labor camps to evaluate how workers manage their income and remittance patterns and if their earnings meet their needs. This holistic approach aims to evaluate and enhance the general quality of life.

Impact and Utilization of Data:

The collected data will support various projects, establish correlations, and aid in estimating national accounts related to income and consumption. 

The comprehensive survey makes it one of the world’s most expansive and insightful studies.

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