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Abu Dhabi’s Taqa and Japan’s Jera to Develop Power Plant for Saudi Aramco’s Amiral Petrochemical Complex

Abu Dhabi's Taqa and Japan's Jera to Develop Power Plant for Saudi Aramco's Amiral Petrochemical Complex

In a strategic move to bolster industrial infrastructure in Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (Taqa) and Japan’s Jera have joined forces with a Saudi Aramco joint venture to construct a cutting-edge power generation facility. This initiative aims to supply essential electricity and steam to the ambitious Amiral petrochemical complex, set to transform the Eastern Province’s industrial landscape by 2027.

The collaborative effort, announced on Thursday, underscores the commitment of regional and international stakeholders to drive sustainable economic growth and innovation in the Kingdom. With plans to provide up to 475 megawatts of power and 452 tonnes per hour of steam, the power plant represents a crucial component of the $11 billion Amiral petrochemical project, poised to become a cornerstone of Saudi Arabia’s industrial prowess.

The Amiral complex, integrating state-of-the-art technology and expertise, will host one of the largest mixed-load steam crackers in the GCC region. This facility, in synergy with the existing Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical (Satorp) refinery in Jubail, signifies a significant leap forward in the region’s petrochemical industry.

Farid Al Awlaqi, CEO of Taqa Generation, expressed eagerness for the project’s development, highlighting Taqa’s commitment to advancing sustainable practices and reducing carbon emissions. He emphasized the importance of the cogeneration plant in supporting Satorp’s long-term decarbonization objectives while meeting growing energy demands efficiently.

Under a 25-year build, own, and operate agreement, a Taqa and Jera-owned entity will spearhead the construction and operation of the power plant, with provisions for a possible extension upon mutual agreement. This partnership underscores the collaborative spirit driving sustainable development and innovation in the region’s energy sector.

The project also incorporates forward-looking features, including plans for the integration of a carbon dioxide capture plant and the adoption of hydrogen-based operations. These initiatives underscore the commitment of stakeholders to environmental stewardship and sustainable industrial practices.

Steven Winn, Chief Global Strategist at Jera, underscored the plant’s dual role in enhancing operational efficiency and promoting environmental sustainability. He noted that the cogeneration plant aligns with the Amiral complex’s commitment to environmental stewardship, positioning it as a leader in sustainable industrial practices.

The collaboration between Taqa, Jera, and Saudi Aramco’s joint venture reflects a broader trend of strategic partnerships aimed at driving innovation and economic diversification in the region. As Saudi Aramco continues to expand its downstream operations, initiatives like the Amiral petrochemical complex play a pivotal role in driving economic growth and creating employment opportunities.

In conclusion, the partnership between Taqa, Jera, and Saudi Aramco underscores the collective commitment of regional and international stakeholders to driving sustainable economic growth and innovation in Saudi Arabia. With the construction of the power plant underway, the Amiral petrochemical complex is poised to emerge as a cornerstone of the Kingdom’s industrial landscape, driving economic diversification and fostering sustainable development.

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