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Abu Dhabi’s new terminal inaugurated: a milestone for the capital

The transport center will be able to serve up to 45 million travelers a year.

The transport center will be able to serve up to 45 million travelers a year.

Abu Dhabi International Airport’s highly-anticipated new terminal welcomed its first passengers, marking a significant milestone for the transportation hub and the capital’s economy and tourism sector.

A Decade in the Making

The construction and development of Terminal A at Abu Dhabi International Airport spanned over a decade, and its inauguration signifies the culmination of extensive planning and infrastructure work.

Doubling Passenger Capacity

Terminal A is set to play a pivotal role in expanding the airport’s operational capacity. It has the capacity to handle over double the number of passengers compared to the existing facilities, catering to up to 45 million travelers annually.

Global Connectivity

With Terminal A now operational, flights from this cutting-edge terminal are poised to connect Abu Dhabi to 117 destinations across the globe. This enhanced connectivity will not only facilitate travel but also stimulate economic growth.

Elena Sorlini’s Perspective

Elena Sorlini, the Managing Director and Interim Chief Executive at Abu Dhabi Airports, expressed the significance of this event, stating, “This is a momentous occasion for Abu Dhabi Airports and the emirate.” 

Her statement underscores the importance of this achievement in the region’s transportation and economic landscape.

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